Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Ford Granada

Not even back then would I have thought that a two-tone Ford of questionable worth was the true answer.  But the price was right- i.e. a trade, a handshake.  A “..don’t even try to question any problem you have down the road” proved to be the glue for this avenue on life’s crooked road.  

Sure, I could have pulled that pop-up trailer to Cape Cod and back with my two door Pinto but what would I do with the family.  I mean the savings would have been absorbed in the bus tickets needed to keep us together.  So the Ford proved to be the answer (stop-gap arguments aside).  And then after its splendid performance it became in time a footnote to our reality.  Maintenance notwithstanding, this was a friggin steal.  It was the largest car (American made) that I had ever owned.  The ride was smooth (albeit angst loaded)  solid and cheap.  

Did I mention cheap?  No payments- okay, okay:  brakes, transmission, and electrical problem aside I’m sure I kept payments under $350 a month.  (In 1985 by the way)  and it was never one lump sum, it was more like $90 per week until its demise.  The $50 cart-off fee was reasonable and not unappreciated.  So you see I had this beauty for 2-3 years for under 4 grand  (not a lot under)- What can I say?  

My only regret is that I didn’t keep the Volvo wagon (sans engine) and put some siding on it with a half-bath and live in it for the interior was roomy.  But it wasn’t a Ford and it wasn’t blue.